How Much Does Microblading Cost?

Ok… so you are thinking about getting your eyebrows microbladed, but are worried about how much they will cost. Well, you came to the right place. We will break down the cost of the initial procedure and how much it will cost to maintain them.

The main distinguishing factors in the price of microblading is the experience of your artist, and the location you get them done at. Microblading in popular cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Atlanta have slightly higher prices for microblading than other less populated cities such as Janesville, Wisconsin. With that being said, microblading will cost you anywhere from $400-$1400 for a high quality microblading procedure.

Now let’s talk about the cost of microblading maintenance. This is a very important thing to note because you will be coming in around every year (depends on your skin type) to get them touched up and look fresh again. Usually the charge for an annual touch up is 50-60% of the original appointment price. For example, if someone charges $700 for microblading, the annual touch up price should be about $400.

Now let’s take a look at the total charges of microblading after 2 years (original + maintenance). For this, we will use the cost of our microblading procedure as the example. The original cost of microblading is $700 and annual touch ups are $400, although we do give all of our clients a free touch up after 4-6 weeks from their original appointment. So, the total cost for 2 years would be $700 + $400 + $400, which comes out to $1,500. Although this may seem like a lot for 2 years, it really is worth it. If you bought a $4 coffee every day for 2 years, it would cost you $2,920. So, what’s more worth the money, coffee or brows?