How Much Do Microblading Techs Make?

Even with the rapidly growing industry of permanent makeup on the move, many still don’t know about the hidden career of being a microblading technician.

The cost of microblading ranges from about $500-$700 depending on the location and experience of the technician. With that being said, each procedure takes about 2 hours which equates to $250-$350 per hour. That is more than some wall street bankers back in their heyday.

Just to give a comparison, eyelash technicians make on average $50 per hour. Microblading techs make 5-7 times as much money as lash artists, and they are in the same general industry. This is because microblading is still very new, even with it being around for about 10 years now.

Microblading popularity is still on the rise, as you can see by the chart below showing the amount of google searches for “microblading” in the last 5 years.


Ok, so now we are going to break down exactly how much it is going to cost to become a microblading artist and how much you can practically be making.

The average price to get trained in microblading is about $3,000 for a hands on course and $1,200 for an online course. Although this may seem like a lot to pay upfront, it really is nothing compared to what you will be making.

After being trained, we suggest to do a couple of procedures for free to build up your portfolio. This will give you some content to make your potential clients feel comfortable about choosing you and you will have content to promote with.

Below we made a breakdown of the cost vs revenue when doing 75 clients. If you are doing 2 clients a day, this can be done in about 37 days.

Cost for 75 Microblading Clients = $8,375:

  • $3,000 for a hands on microblading training
  • $1,125 for material cost of 75 clients ($15 per client)
  • $750 for advertising
  • $3,500 for salon rental

Revenue for 75 Microblading Clients = $26,000:

  • $0 (First 5 clients Free to Build Portfolio)
  • $500 (Next 5 clients charging $100 each)
  • $750 (Next 5 clients charging $150 each)
  • $1,000 (Next 5 clients charging $200 each)
  • $1,250 (Next 5 clients charging $250 each)
  • $1,500 (Next 5 clients charging $300 each)
  • $1,750 (Next 5 clients charging $350 each)
  • $2,000 (Next 5 clients charging $400 each)
  • $2,250 (Next 5 clients charging $450 each)
  • $15,000 (Next 30 clients charging $500 each)

Profit for 75 Microblading Clients = $17,625:

$17,625 in less than a month and a half. PROFIT. This is only doing 2 clients per day. The more clients you do, the more walking advertisements you have which will then lead to you getting more booked up. After 1-2 years doing microblading full time, you should be averaging 4-5 clients per day while charging $700 each. At that pace, you will be making $84,000 per month, without factoring in the cost of your expenses.


As of now, October 2019, there are still many more people looking to get microblading done than there are techs who perform microblading. The more microblading technicians come into existence, the lower the price of microblading is going to get, it is a simple question of supply and demand.

You do not need to be a superior artist to perform microblading, it just takes practice. You are not going to make a million dollars without putting in a ridiculous amount of work, and you are not going to put in a lot of work unless you love what you are doing. If you even have a slight itch to pursue a career in the beauty industry, we suggest to give microblading a try!