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Level 7: Lower Stroke Pattern

March 19, 2020
[woodmart_responsive_text_block font="text" size="small" font_weight="400" color_scheme="dark" align="left" woodmart_css_id="5e7698d74e151" content_width="100" inline="no"]We will now be going over the exact stroke pattern that you must practice in order to master the lower stroke pattern. For these demonstrations, we will be using the brow beginning style #1 on a low arched brow. Please find the section marked “lower stroke pattern” in your course workbook and follow the steps:[/woodmart_responsive_text_block][woodmart_responsive_text_block font="text" size="small" font_weight="400" color_scheme="dark" align="left" woodmart_css_id="5e76be75bd066" content_width="100" inline="no" woodmart_empty_space=""]

Step 1) Draw the brow beginning style #1.

Step 2) Draw the dividing line for the mixed hair pattern.

Step 3) Draw one long stroke after each other while leaving room in between for another stroke which you will add later. Make sure to never cross the dividing line and let your strokes fall more towards Point 3 as you approach the end of the brow.

Step 4) Finally, you will go in and add more strokes in between the strokes that you have previously made. These new strokes should be about 60% of the length as the original strokes that you made.