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Level 4: Incident Management & Prevention

May 2, 2020

Know who is NOT a recommended candidate for eyelash extensions. Anyone with one of the following is possibly not eligible:

  • Pregnant Women
  • People with Alopecia
  • People with eye allergies
  • People with Thyroid Problems (any form, medication causes hair loss)
  • People with Psoriasis
  • People with Blepharitis (swelling or inflammation of eyelids)
  • People with Glaucoma
  • People currently under Chemotherapy and Radiation

Understand that if you apply eyelashes to any of the clients above, you could endanger their health and be held responsible if anything happens to them. When in doubt request a note from their doctor.

Allergies: Some clients may have a reaction to lash glue. Tell your clients to contact you immediately if they feel any type of discomfort, swelling or irritation. If this does occur, have your client come in so you can remove the eyelash extensions. Once all glue and lashes are removed and the eye area is cleaned, apply come hydrocortisone cream. Have your client wait with you for about 10 minutes and once any irritation has subdued they may leave with a small container of hydrocortisone cream. You may want to recommend that they purchase some and visit their doctor if symptoms continue.