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Level 3: Shelf Life & Storage

May 2, 2020

Shelf Life: Always check the packaging and when in doubt, contact the
manufacturer/supplier. Most eyelash extension adhesive has a shelf life of approximately 9 months from production when stored in ideal conditions. Once the container is opened life is shortened to 2-­‐8 weeks. When in doubt, replace the container.

Storage: Containers should be kept tightly closed in the upright position. If a small bag is provided with the adhesive always store inside the bag. Avoid sunlight and high heat. Moisture and humidity will greatly shorten the life of lash adhesive. Keep at a consistently cool room temperature avoiding extreme temperature changes. You may refrigerate your adhesive but make sure to leave out for at least 6 hrs before using. Do not store in refrigerator once bottle is open. All variables can greatly change the effectiveness of the adhesive and how long it will last on your client.